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About us

What's this site for?

myApertureInnovations is a place for creative mappers and content creators to get together, share ideas, and make great maps. It was built to facilitate this in a way that we felt other sites could not.

Wait, you mean there's a way to make maps outside of the level editor?

Yep, there's a great program called Hammer which lets you make maps for Portal and Portal 2. Learn more about that here, here, and here.

Hey, what happened to myApertureLabs?

Things were tenuous there for a while as the old site admin, Nickworks, stopped caring. So we moved out. For a while he still held the domain, but now it's ours. We reinvisioned the site with Portal 2 in mind, and this is the result. In a little while, we'll have all the old database content hosted here as well, so it'll be like the site never died!

Can you add <insert feature here> to the site?

p0rtalplayer would be the one to talk to for that. He's usually pretty busy but will make time where the site is concerned.

Why aren't there any ads?

This site is intended to be as friendly and open as possible. The admins are paying out of their own pockets to keep it going, so we appreciate all the support you give us. If you want to donate, just use the orange "Donate" button in the footer.