Test chamber 17 Portal 2 Singleplayer Map

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31 January, 2015Medium
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After Chell finished her turn going through 19 challenging tests surrounded by lethal testing elements and crackpot AI GLaDOS, it is time for that again. This time a "few" years later.

Test chamber 17 is originally from Portal 1. I decided to remake it into Portal 2 using elements of overgrown theme.




Thanks for >

Omnicoders Sign Maker -tool
Demolisher for feedback, help and testing
Fluppy for testing and feedback
Stimich for testing
func_mathias for testing


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Posted by HugoBDesigner on 5 February 2015 at 3:31:24 PM

Hello, laakkone, and welcome to the forums!
I played your map a couple days ago, and it was awesome! I love the design of it, and it plays just like the original chamber! I will say, though: the tree in the middle of the chamber blocks the view a bit, but since we've played the original chamber, it doesn't confuse us, nor makes the chamber harder in any meaningful way.


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