Cave Johnson's connected tests Portal 2 Singleplayer Map

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10 March, 2015Medium
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Laser + Aerial Faith Plate + Cave Johnson = This chamber.Cave Johnson: Welcome ladies and gentleman, I am Cave Johnson. I own the place.Cave Johnson: This next test, i'm very sure, is very simple, thanks to GLaDOS she will take it to her tests after I die.GLaDOS: Yeah.Cave Johnson: So about that, Caroline, thanks![I don't even know why I made this test]


Posted by BloxxingBlocks on 10 March 2015 at 1:01:42 PM

:slice: THEY CUT THE CAKE :slice:
Just kidding. Cave Johnson has decided to make some chambers. These are some of them. Later took by GLaDOS.
There. th---these chambers are very simple.

Welcome, [subject name here]